Trail Magic Stories

One of the main things I am looking forward to on the trail, is meeting the people! Working in retail as I have done now for over 10 years (kill me now) I… Continue reading

So what am I actually doing?

Right so thruhiking The Appalachian Trail what will I actually be doing? The trail is about 2,184 miles long starting at Springer Mountain in Georgia and finishing on Mount Katahdin in Maine. I… Continue reading

Take That Big Step

There are a few factors in my life that have made it easier for me to be able to do this. One, me and my wife havent leaped into the world of children… Continue reading

Why? Is The Biggest Question of All

Why? is the number one question I get asked when people find out what I will be doing next March. The shortest answer I can give is ‘Because I┬áNEED to’, and that is… Continue reading

Time to get geeky

I have gone fairly basic with gear as I don’t really know that much so have gone for light or as light as I can afford and quick drying and things that I… Continue reading

The Pouring Rain

As I sit here on my comfy sofa with heat pouring over me from the crackling firewood in the burner and the bitter rain tapping against the window unable to get its cold… Continue reading