Two weeks in and 130 miles

Two weeks in and I’m feeling pretty good! Had some fantastic experiences already met great people and also had a few scary moments to boot! Been in this group of around 10 or… Continue reading

And I’m on trail

I’ve been on trail 8 days now and getting into the swing of things, wifi is very limited so it’ll be a struggle to get the blog done especially after all the other… Continue reading

Fly me too the trail…….

I MADE IT!! Finally in Georgia and getting myself ready and settled over here for a few days. Will hopefully meet a few fellow hikers at a hiker hostel, do my first rations… Continue reading

Only went and got me a radio interview

Thanks again to Jonathan from Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, his press release worked a treat and I did a live radio interview today for The BBC. Also thank you to John Griff, it… Continue reading

Press release interview

This is a press release interview I did for Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity to drum up a bit of interest. Thank you to Jonathan who is the PR Executive at the charity who… Continue reading

The Lasts begin

I am into to my last week before I fly out to America and start my attempt at a thruhike, and with that has begun my experiences of ‘Lasts’. I have already had… Continue reading

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

Just wanted to give an update on the fundraising for Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. My current total stands at £341.84 and with gift aid that is now at £413.55 Thanks to all who… Continue reading

PCT Method

I have been practicing the PCT method of bear bagging today just to get the hang of tieing the knot correctly and making sure I don’t have any snagging issues! A few tips for… Continue reading

It’s March!! I Start in March HAHAHAHAHAHA (Hysterical laughter)

Well it’s March HAHAHAHA (hysterical laughter) I leave for the trail in a couple of weeks and the farewells have begun, and I am coming round to the fact that this to the left will… Continue reading

Watch out A.T These Boots Are Made For Walking

My boots are fully worn in and I have added a set of green Super Feet insoles to help with my flat feet and save my knee’s a bit with that added shock… Continue reading