Beginning and End

Just a quick post with photo’s of how I looked at the start of my thruhike, then another at the end Here I am at the archway to the approach trail at Springer… Continue reading

And I’m back

Right well it has been a stupid amount of time since I last posted and set up a new page, but for many reasons that didn’t work out so I’m back as the… Continue reading

This is the end…….

And I’m done! Yes it feels amazing but also extremely odd, I think it’s because Im not flying home for another week yet so I’m still on my adventures but I’m sure it… Continue reading

The Wilderness Awaits

Tomorrow for me marks the beginning of the end and as usual my feelings on this are incredibly mixed! All I have left to complete my thruhike is the 100 mile wilderness and… Continue reading

Oh so close

I’ve hiked 1840 miles in just over 19 weeks, through almost 13 States of America through dense Forrest and woodland, over literally 100’s of mountains, across rivers and through towns and communities! It’s… Continue reading

Some trail life for you

Here are a few photos from the past month or so just to keep you up to speed on my hike, again I apologise for not posting more but I will do a… Continue reading

When it comes down to it, we’re all just a bunch of animals!!!

There are quite a few things, that me and my other fellow thruhikers get up to in the woods and in town for that matter that in our real lives around our friends,… Continue reading

Blimey’s run down of exciting, crazy, scary shit that’s happened on the trail so far post

Taking a zero so thought I’d take some time to post a few of the highlights, downers, crazy shit and other goings on that have happened so far on the trail. It’s in… Continue reading

A month in

Well I’ve been out on trail for a month now and really getting into the swing of things! No real problems, not aching at all which is really surprising and I’m now putting… Continue reading


Still working on the food thing while out on trail but I’m getting there! Ramin noodles is a staple n started out I’d just cook some of that up and be done with… Continue reading