Part 2. Give me a mountain and I’ll jump on it

VA14Well we had hit the most photographed spot on trail and it was fantastic, with perfect views all around. But just ahead we had Tinker Cliffs and Dragons Tooth. The weather was starting to change a bit and the wind had picked up considerably by the time we reached Tinker Cliffs, deeming it far to risky to get my jump shot. So instead I just sat on the edge and clung with all my might, not to be blown away by the gale force winds. Although you wouldn’t have guessed that by the still, clear blue skies around us. VA14 We were hiking at this point with a local guy from the Roanoke area and as it happened were in the middle of a week-long stay and slack pack at his sister’s house. We were having a fantastic week and enjoying not being weighed down by 30lbs of gear. He had been describing Dragons tooth to us for a while and we were looking forward to catching its views. Unfortunately the weather had deteriorated and as we were hiking up the mountain a storm broke out with bolts of lightning all around and enough thunder to remind you of how powerless to mother nature you really are. It was frightening but exhilarating all the same. Luck would have it, just as we reached the top with the best view points the rain stopped, the thunder rumbled away into the distance and the clouds began to dissipate to reveal to us an awesome landscape of the surrounding area. VA8 VA9 Needless to say this spot was a little too risky for my jump shot, but I was more than happy just to soak up all that was to be seen. And all the more happy to share it with a fantastic group. My Hiker family. VA7 There were plenty of jump shots to be had in Virginia, all on spectacular mountain tops with equally spectacular views………… VA4 VA2 VA20 ……..there was even time for a Karate Kid moment…… VA16 …….don’t ask. We even had trail magic, from a family out for a day hike to watch the sunset from the top of a mountain, heard we were thruhikers so gave us fruit, snacks and a couple of beers. Magic. VA18 But sometimes, all that was needed was to stand and like I have said, just soak in the moment and let it wash over and all around you………….. VA17 VA13 …….then on occasion, I was just too tired to do anything. VA21 Once we hit Harper’s Ferry we were lucky enough to take a side trip to D.C and stay with an awesome couple of trail angels. Lovely, lovely people. The jump shot at this point had gone from mountain top shenanigans to whenever the moment was right. So here we had to celebrate hiking 1000 miles and a fantastic couple of zero days off trail, thanks to two amazing people. 988658_10201401363782358_259222056_n DC TRIP Shortly after this was the halfway point in Pennsylvania and this of course warranted a rock star jump shot. PA10 At this point in the thruhike the jump shot had grown to be a celebration for any occasion and I was becoming quite the pro, not even needing to take my 30lb bag off to execute my moves. Boom, hahaha sorry.

Well that’s half of the trail down and a good point to finish part 2 of my mountain shenanigans. Hope you’re enjoying the shots and the small snippets of writing. I will be back with the finale, part 3 most probably on Monday as I have a nice long weekend off work, hoorah for me.

So come back Monday for the last instalment of, Give me a mountain and I’ll jump on it, where I bring out the big guns of jump shots in New Hampshire and The Whites. Then we have Maine and Katahdin where the jumping almost stops as I am in sheer awe of the beauty of the State, so instead of jumping you get me gazing wistfully into the distance on cliff edges.

Right On!!

Thanks again for reading.