This is the end…….




And I’m done! Yes it feels amazing but also extremely odd, I think it’s because Im not flying home for another week yet so I’m still on my adventures but I’m sure it will hit me like a ton of bricks when I step off that plane and see my family and friends! Also while on trail you are constantly keeping your mind in the state that you always have miles to do its never done, and you have done this for over 5 months so in a way you basically brainwash yourself into believing the end is always days weeks months away as its the only way to get through it! So I’m still in a state of mind that I haven’t finished, I’m going to get dropped off at a trail head and I still have mountains to climb because that’s what we do right, forever! Right! It’s a little crazy but I’m sure it will wear off soon, I’ll be home enjoying a meal with the family and suddenly freak out and start celebrating! Anyway I’m going to carry on celebrating over here too…


and on my return as promised I will write up some of my favourite stories on trail! I will also blog about bits I feel are not talked about enough so future thruhikers can get a better understanding of a thruhike, things that I didn’t think about before thruhiking and could be usefull, well hopefully, will just be my opinion of course:)
Take care all and thank you for following, speak again when I’m back across the pond…somewhere in that direction