The Wilderness Awaits

Tomorrow for me marks the beginning of the end and as usual my feelings on this are incredibly mixed! All I have left to complete my thruhike is the 100 mile wilderness and then the grand finale! Huge excitement and massive sadness flood my mind when I think of the end, but as I have said before, I feel incredibly lucky the way my thruhike has played out so I can’t complain one bit! I will take all I have experienced whilst on my hike and use it as best I can throughout my life, I will do my best when I’m back across the pond to share with you my adventures whilst out here and also if anyone wants it I will share my advise, ideas and opinions on thruhiking to help them with their preparations and questions. I will probably post again in a weeks time once I’ve ‘fingers crossed’ summited Katahdin… Untill then here are a few photos of Maine and a link to my giving site. Cheers for reading guys!