When it comes down to it, we’re all just a bunch of animals!!!

There are quite a few things, that me and my other fellow thruhikers get up to in the woods and in town for that matter that in our real lives around our friends, family, colleagues and general public would go a long way to getting us shunned and pinned as mad.

Here is a run down of all that is gross, a little weird and crazy but perfectly acceptable on a thruhike:

• If you drop food or a snack on the floor and it gets a little muddy, that’s just added seasoning and you pick it right up and eat it. I’ve seen one guy lovingly prepare a meal on his stove only to knock it over onto the muddy ground in front of him, he just grabbed his spork and continued to eat his dinner off the the ground. Also know of hikers that pick sweets up off the trail, dropped by other hikers ahead.

• Farting is perfectly natural people lets just get on with it and congratulate the people around us when it’s a good effort! This is ladies included by the way, in fact they put in good competition, sometimes better or worse however you look at it.

• Putting dirty, stinking, wet, festering clothes on day after day, sometimes you don’t even take them off for a week!
We had enough time in town to either do laundry or go get stuff to eat and charge electrical items, of course we chose the latter.

•When you gotta go, you gotta go!
For guys and some women (if they have a ‘she wee’) when your walking along you just pull over off trail and go whether there are hikers around or not, that’s number 1s sorted!
Number 2s, most will wait for privies if there is one in the days hike, but that is not always the case. Some sections you can go for days without coming across a privy so yes, just like the bears, we go take care of business! This can be fairly liberating in some respect but not if your hiking for hours on nothing but ridge-line or with a sharp slope up one side of the trail and a sharp drop the other and you really gotta go! Queue worst bathroom break experience ever, FACT!! I nearly fell down the mountain with my trousers down!

•Bodywashing is completely out the window, some wash in streams or baby wipe but most see it that your just putting stinking sweaty clothes on again so what’s the point! We usually just wait for town to get a shower once a week maybe longer and I can tell you now this has become one of my favourite feelings in the world, I will never take showers for granted in the future.

•Snotrockets are an everyday thing on trail. You’ll be hiking along and behind or in front you’ll just hear the beautiful sound of boogers flying out of someone’s nostrils. One women I’ve met out here is even named ‘Srocket’ because of her ability in this department!

•Changing clothes around other hikers.
Some hikers go further and really don’t give a crap, will just get but naked to switch clothes! One of my hiker buddies walked into a small laundromat for hikers to find one of our other mates, an older gentleman just stood completely naked waiting for clothes in the dryer.

•Walking through town after a week or more on trail going straight for food stinking, sweating covered in all sorts and being proud of all that funk because you earned it, big time and you deserve to go straight into an establishment and not give a crap about the real world and stuff your face!
We weren’t in a restaurant but a foodshop and I got called a low life as I walked past a mother and her child with my big wet muddy pack in a trolly just going about my business doing my resuply. Hey Hey

Well that’s about all I got right now, any hikers out there got any more then add it in the comments!

aka Blimey
aka Two Ducks