A month in

Well I’ve been out on trail for a month now and really getting into the swing of things! No real problems, not aching at all which is really surprising and I’m now putting in good miles, I nearly have my trail legs and most definitely have my hiker appetite!!

Going to apologise for lack of posts but don’t find I have the time to devote to a decent blog post in between resuply, sorting out shuttles socialising and speaking to family back home all of which I’m affraid come before spending an hour to write a post, and I don’t want to rush it and just write crap, so I will probably mainly hold off until I get home then write some posts from notes and memories which will hopefully be the main interesting points as uposed to a daily ‘I walked 18 miles on the trail I saw a bird ….’

I really hope you can understand I want to be enjoying and experiencing this adventure instead of stuck on my phone in a motel or hostel and hope you can join me back here when I am home and can put a lot more effort in to some decent posts:)

Cheers guys
Post soon ish πŸ˜‰