Still working on the food thing while out on trail but I’m getting there! Ramin noodles is a staple n started out I’d just cook some of that up and be done with it but it doesn’t hit the spot anymore so I have added different bits to make it interesting! Tuna sachets is great but weighs a lot, iv put spices in and Siratcha source courtesy of Siratcha the hiker and garlic salt, also slim Jim cheese n sausage, love those as in the same little packet you get meat and cheese, BONUS!! Also like the instant mash that’s good with bacon bits and the same treatment as noodles, last night I even put noodles in my mash now THAT was filling !!! I try to find treats with the most calories like today I found Hunny Buns 500 calories each SWEET that’s breakfast sorted! It’s a working progress much like working out the rest of trail life, it will come with time!