Two weeks in and 130 miles

Two weeks in and I’m feeling pretty good! Had some fantastic experiences already met great people and also had a few scary moments to boot!

Been in this group of around 10 or so people, don’t really hike with them we just tend to get to the same camp spots or shelters or agree to go into town same days. We have Jetlag, Peaches, Siratcha, Pretzel, Chaos, Tags, Jedi, Rosey Eagle, Dipnsip and so on more without trail names yet:)

Peaches got his name from the same lady who named me Blimey! He slipped over first day on Springer and squashed two peaches in his pack and got covered in the juice hahaha

Hiked in some fantastic weather with beautiful views and also cold and crazy weather! Had to hold up in a shelter on Standing Indian Mountain after only 5 miles after hiking in freezing rain! I was absolutely covered in ice as we’re the trees, which got dangerous as branches were falling off all around me! The shelter was packed and we squashed in like sardines to keep warm.

Been warned about a guy in Red Pick up truck who picks hikers up for a lift for $10 then takes you to remote woods and says that $100 into town or il dump you! There are notes warning of it on trees before pick up points!
Also stopped at this not so great shelter with road at the bottom of hill it was late and had done 20 miles so needed to stop, but this pick up truck drove past and slowed at the bottom and this guy just stares up at us then moved on slowly! Kind of creepy and didn’t sleep that night hahahaha!

I have come to realise the trail is a lot of opposites, it’s cold it’s hot, it’s up its down and then it’s up and down again, you hate it then you love it, you want to stop then you want to go, your starving then your stuffed, your comfortable then incredibly uncomfortable!

Basically after the first 3 hours of hiking I could probably stop but you keep going because you have set a target for the day and just round the corner is probably one of the best views you have ever seen which makes all those miles well worth it! And all those small daily targets is what will carry you to Maine.

Sorry bout the rushed post and rambling just trying to pick out interesting points and get those out:)

Just a reminder to I’m still raising money for Rainbow Trust so if you can please donate here, thanks Blimey:)