Fly me too the trail…….


I MADE IT!! Finally in Georgia and getting myself ready and settled over here for a few days. Will hopefully meet a few fellow hikers at a hiker hostel, do my first rations shop for four days of hiking and get a few last minute things kit wise that I left until I got here.

As I said in previous posts I want to keep this blog as honest and open as I can, to give people either just wanting to read about an experience like this or actual future hikers, a truthful and real account of what it’s honestly like.
So on that note, and especially for husbands and wives out there that are thinking of giving this a go one day, leaving the other half for 6 months and hiking the trail. That moment, that second, that it finally sinks in that you won’t be seeing them again for 6 months! Monumentally horrible! Absolute Shite!
Strangely that moment for me wasn’t the moment I said goodbye when she dropped me off for a lift from my parents.
No. It hit me when I was on the plane taxiing down the runway. I guess because that’s when it was for real. That’s when my brain decided to let it sink in that I was actually doing this. And as I’m being honest here, for that moment as the plane took off my thoughts were not ‘Wahoo this is it I’m finally doing it I’m on my way’ No! My thought at that moment when it sunk in that I had just left all my loved ones and my most loved one my amazing wife for six months was ‘Oh Fuck, what the hell have I got myself into’!
So there you have it the honest truth of what that may feel like if you ever decide to thruhike!

Luckily though that didn’t last for long, and I don’t mean this in a bad way like I just shrugged it off, I mean I re-grouped myself, re-composed my thoughts because that’s what I’ve got to do if I ever want to make it to Maine! You must keep those thoughts to a minimum otherwise they will eat you alive and then it’s game over on the trail and goodbye to living a dream! So I focused again on why I’m doing this why it felt so horrendous in that moment, and its because of the other force pulling me the other direction away from home, that massive gravitational pull I feel on my soul that is drawing me with such strength to the trail, and then I was ok again, I knew I was heading in the right direction the wrong way home. Shit, I think I just got my book title!!! No one steal that!!! I’m serious!!!


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