The Lasts begin

I am into to my last week before I fly out to America and start my attempt at a thruhike, and with that has begun my experiences of ‘Lasts’.

I have already had my last gathering with most of my mates, they all came round on Friday for a Pulled Pork and Booze night which was great fun but also quite strange and sad as we will not all be together now untill September.

I have never really experienced what I am feeling in my life right now, it is completely new ground here. One minute I am thrilled and more excited than I have ever been, then it hits me again that I will be away from friends and family for six months. So as you can imagine, my thoughts right now are like a rollercoaster It’s all becoming quite surreal and wont truly hit me until I am out there on the trail.

All that stands between the trail and me now are my last 3 days of work and a couple of days of saying my last goodbyes.

And of course 3000 miles of ocean.

This is it.

The final countdown.

Six days.

Then 2185.9 miles and over 5 million footsteps.

Thanks for following,

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The Last Supper with my mates