PCT Method

I have been practicing the PCT method of bear bagging today just to get the hang of tieing the knot correctly and making sure I don’t have any snagging issues! A few tips for beginners out there just like me, be sure to choose your stick wisely as if it’s all knobbly it can get caught up in the carabiner thus leaving your bag stuck in a tree and you go hungry! Also choose a stick that isn’t too thin that it snaps too easily but also isn’t too fat that its impossible to break if needs be, a tip from a fellow A.T hiker @LaughingDawg cheers! Here is a link to a video which demonstrates perfectly PCT Method. I have also heard that this isn’t a fail safe way of keeping your food out of the reach of bears as they are incredibly smart when it comes to searching out your food bag, but it is better than nothing and much better than keeping it in your tent where you will very likely be woken up with bear breath looming over you as he comes for his dinner! I will hopefully pick up some more complex tips for bear bag hanging from the experts while I am out there on the trail. I will be sure to pass them along too.20130303-150338.jpg