It’s March!! I Start in March HAHAHAHAHAHA (Hysterical laughter)

087Well it’s March HAHAHAHA (hysterical laughter) I leave for the trail in a couple of weeks and the farewells have begun, and I am coming round to the fact that this to the left will be my humble abode for the majority of the next 6 month of my life. This coupled with the great outdoors. Freedom from certain constraints and a time to reflect on what life is really about.

I have a couple of weekends left now so I have started to get round to friends and say goodbyes. The main conversation involving questions like ‘how you feeling, are you nervous’, ‘how is my wife doing’ that sort of thing, and the answers are fairly obvious for a husband that’s about to leave his wife for six months.

But nervousness aside I am still monumentally thrilled to be able to attempt this adventured. I have complete respect as I always have but with an added emphasis, for my wife. With her unwavering support I am able to go after one of my dreams, something that others are not so lucky to do for one reason or another. So I am grabbing this opportunity with everything I have.

Over the past year or so since this dream became a reality, I have noticed my quality of life mentally, has improved immensely. I can’t begin to imagine my outlook on life when I get back after this adventure. The way I approach problems, the way I deal with stress in the work place and at home is all changing. I have always been pretty optimistic but now that is increasing ten fold. Things just don’t bother me anymore, I just don’t let them. All the little issues that inundate your stress levels, they are just not worth the hassle as they always pass, tomorrow is another day and all that, and there are millions of people out there who have real problems. It’s all about perspective.

I feel incredibly spoilt and overwhelmingly lucky.



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