One Small Step…..followed by a few million others

Six Weeks until I take the first step of my thru-hike!

I started a countdown app on my phone over a year ago, I think it was 430 odd days away when I started it and it felt like forever away. Now just six weeks lays before me and my hike. All that I have left to get is my bear bag rope and I need to put together a first aid kit, then that’s me ready after nearly 4 years of research and planning I’m in the final faze and at the beginning of the greatest adventure of my life to date!

Am I nervous? Hell yes!

Excited? Like a kid that’s just woken up at Christmas!

Sad? Sure, I’m leaving behind a huge part of me, My amazing wife! My family & friends.

But this is it! This is what I have dreamt about fantasised about day dreamed about since the moment I heard of it! In fact I think I was searching for the Appalachian Trail before I even knew it existed so you could add another 5 years to that wait and now that wait is finally nearly over, and the pre-hike jitters have definitely set in.

I certainly don’t have any regrets about taking on this challenge what so ever! This has been my greatest undertaking and I believe it will be one of the greatest things I ever attempt! Not because its a one off once in a life time experience but because its the first major adventure I will attempt which will give me confidence to achieve other great things and challenges for the rest of my life!

In a way I have already taken that first step, years ago when I committed myself to attempt a thru-hike!

That step 4 years ago, was the first step of the rest of my life and possibly the biggest step of my entire life.