Snow Hike…….and Skating down a hill like Bart

IMGP0061I went out on my first proper snow hike

the other day. Obviously I have walked

in snow before, but never hiked. So with

30lbs on my back I jumped in the deep

end with an 18 miler.

First half I loved it taking in the beautiful

snowy landscape and feeling pretty

comfortable with all my gear in my pack.



IMGP0063    IMGP0068











I stopped off and re-fueld in a local town halfway in to my day then headed back to my village, about halfway home the snow became real hard work but I still enjoyed the hike, its great with the snow, completely changes the landscape and makes a new challenge out of a hike I have done a fair few times now.


Was a densely foggy day too and I could hardly see in front of me sometimes across fields.


Here are the rest of my photo’s from the day.








And just for your amusement, I got all of 17 and half miles without slipping over got to the top of the hill into my village, started heading down said hill and began to skate down, picking up speed like I was on a skateboard. I settled into this new mode of travelling while hiking and whizzed past a couple of houses, then a car started backing out of a drive and I shit myself lost my balance and landed flat on my back.

Thanks for reading