And in the middle of the night……..

moon light

moon light (Photo credit: supersum (off))

So one of my fellow 2013 thruhikers Acorn brought up the subject of night hiking on the trail. I hear all my family and friends take a sudden intake of breath! Don’t panic I won’t be doing any lone night hiking I’m not crazy…..well not that crazy yet, give me a few months on trail and it may be a different story.

It is actually a fairly common thing to do while taking on a thru-hike and I hear more and more about it as I delve further into the world of long trail hiking. When I first thought about it I was definitely on the side of ‘No way’ too dangerous and whats the point, you will miss the views and as your hiking you could startle a bear or moose and either be injured or need a change of trousers and I won’t have a change of trousers! There are all so the stories I have heard of people coming across un-savoury characters while night hiking, usually near road crossings. So it isn’t something you should take lightly but if you do it as safely as possible I think it does have its benefits.

If there is a full moon shining bright I can imagine it being pretty spectacular on trail in the right places. On various stumbles home from the local pub I can remember (just about) appreciating the way the moon light hits objects and casts mysterious shadows, on the trail I bet that’s even better if a bit creepy! There is all so the heat element, when it gets too hot during the day for a comfortable hike there is the choice to hike in the evening or very early morning. It is all so a change of scenery and routine, right now pre-hike I can’t imagine ever being bored while hiking the trail. But it is a fact, from the words of several thruhikers in past years, you hike day in day out for up to 6 months, it’s a strong possibility boredom may get you at some point.

Assessing both sides of the argument ‘to night hike or not to night hike?’ it is definitely something I will not rule out completely, after all I want to experience as much as I can whilst on my thru-hike, that’s what it’s all about right? It’s another one to add to the list of things I will decide once I am out there.

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