T minus 111 days

Keep Calm And Carry On

Keep Calm And Carry On (Photo credit: Robert Croma)

It’s happened, I’ve hit panic stations!!Not majorly just a little bit. Up until this point I have just been excited like a child about my thruhike. You know that sort of excitement where it’s all romanticized and you dream constantly about what you’re waiting for and your impatient and just want it NOW! Well I have been through that for the past four years and now its close….Really close.

My thoughts have turned to my gear and my time out there, have I got the right stuff have I got enough time and so on….

They’re all ridiculous things to panic about because they are all things I will only find out once I get out there all I can do now is be as content as possible with what I start with. I ordered my pocket profiles from AWOL the other day so I am excited to get them through the post and study the route a bit more, give me an idea of whats to come I also pre ordered the 2013 AT Guide which will hopefully arrive end of January. These are tools I will use on the trail as a bit of guidance, as I have said before, I’m not planning every day before I start because for me, that’s not the way I want to hike, I want to take it day by day no pressures.

Also leaving my wife, family and friends is beginning to hit home! Six whole months WOW! that’s going to take some soul-searching to get through but I believe I am strong enough, determined enough and lets not forget stubborn enough to make it the whole way. I have set my mind on something, like I said four years ago now and it has been a constant.

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