A S#%t Load of Miles & a Smelly Beard Later

English: Mountain Goat on Mount Massive, Color...

English: Mountain Goat on Mount Massive, Colorado, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well in the beginning, this adventure was just one that I couldn’t let go of once it was set in my mind that I would give it a go. As time went on and especially recently I have begun to think about what will make this a worthwhile adventure, what can I do to gain the most out of this amazing opportunity. One aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is charity. Even if I just raise a small amount it still makes a difference to someone out there so for me its something I would like to do to make this even more worth while.With such an adventure like thruhiking The Appalachian Trail, there is an abundance of things that I will undertake that could help encourage someone to donate or sponsor me.

There is of course the obvious 2,184 miles to hike which in itself is a donation worthy feat.

I will no doubt attempt at refraining from cutting or shaving my hair for the duration of my hike so come September I will arrive back in the UK looking similar to Tom Hanks in Castaway and yes before someone brings it up, I will probably be talking to an imaginary friend as well.

I can do a sponsored 24 hour hike through the day and through the night, preferably towards the end of my thruhike, once I am as fit as a mountain goat.

Could see how long I could go without showering although my hiking family may protest against this one. Longest period spent wearing one pair of socks. Longest time spent in the woods away from town stops…….

There is even a hike naked day, may need quite a bit of encouragement in the donation department to take this one on haha.

Bridge diving, Ice cream eating contest, Smelliest hiker contest….. the list goes on.

So the charity that I will be raising money for is a fantastic group based here in the UK called Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity and here is a description of the work they do,

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity provides emotional and practical support to families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.  Their help is immediate and available for families 24 hours a day, providing the whole family with tailored high quality support for as long as they need it.
This support comes from Family Support Workers who perform a role most people couldn’t imagine.  They maintain a sense of normality for the family by helping with hospital trips, performing household duties, taking the siblings to school and in many cases providing care during the final stages of a child’s life, helping with funeral arrangements and bereavement support.
Rainbow Trust relies almost entirely on voluntary donations and through the generosity of their supporters they currently help around 1,200 families a year.  Their vision is that one day all terminally ill children will have access to a Rainbow Family Support Worker.
If anyone else has any other great ideas for what I can do for a donation then please leave them in my comments section below.
But of course I will introduce a rule, please leave a donation via my giving site if you want me to complete a challenge. I am after all hiking 2,184 miles already so that must be worth a donation:)
Thanks again for reading guys