The Pouring Rain

As I sit here on my comfy sofa with heat pouring over me from the crackling firewood in the burner and the bitter rain tapping against the window unable to get its cold claws into me, my mind drifts to the trail and how I will cope in the outdoors.

On the trail there WILL be times when I get cold and wet, there WILL be times when I get too hot and dehydrated and the thing that I am unsure of is how I will cope with the full on exposure of the outdoors and its weather. I can’t just open a door and block it out if I get fed up with being cold and wet I have to stick it out and hike through. But that is exactly what it’s about, pushing yourself when things get tough and out of your comfort zone. It’s the exposure that I am longing for to experience a prolonged period of being outdoors, dealing with, tackling with and of course enjoying all it has to offer me.