Backpack upgrade/pct

After hiking over 2000 miles with my Osprey Kestrel 68 on the Appalachian Trail it was time for an upgrade. This isn’t to say that this pack hadn’t served me well, because it had.… Continue reading

Trail cooking from AT to PCT

When it comes to cooking on trail I’m an alcoholic! I love the simple method of lighting some form of denatured alcohol in a small vessel and whacking a pot of water on… Continue reading

Stories of Insanity and Over-whelming Peace

There is a brief period of day, very early in the morning, but most certainly not every morning……  I’ve woken in my tent naturally as the world intended, I’m as refreshed as you… Continue reading

No Direction

The image of me here, on a mountain ledge, the wind behind me and Mount Washington in the distance almost completely sums up my happiest memories on my thruhike. I’m completely driven at… Continue reading

Part 3. Give me a mountain and I’ll jump on it

Somewhere in Pennsylvania I decided hiking and jumping on rocky ledges wasn’t quite enough, so as PA was rocky as hell I decided that some bouldering wouldn’t go a miss. So that was… Continue reading

Part 2. Give me a mountain and I’ll jump on it

Well we had hit the most photographed spot on trail and it was fantastic, with perfect views all around. But just ahead we had Tinker Cliffs and Dragons Tooth. The weather was starting… Continue reading

Give me a mountain and I’ll jump on it. Part 1

Un-surprisingly reaching a summit and just letting your soul soak in the magic is one of my most treasured moments on trail. Whatever the weather it didn’t bother me, it was always a… Continue reading

In the beginning, there was Georgia

It took the best part of 4 or 5 years, possibly more before I made that leap, went ahead booked my ticket and flew to Georgia. I spent a few of them not really… Continue reading

Walking through thick soup

It dawned on me at work a couple of weeks back, that it had taken me the best part of a year to decompress and sift through all my experiences of the previous… Continue reading

Steve Cutts animation

A couple of animations I enjoyed from this guy. I love it when a serious point is portrayed through humour, great way of reaching out to people. In the fall And Man Enjoy